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Window Treatments Work Wonders for the Rental Home

Window treatments such as blinds and shades are wonderful additions in homes managed by Property Management Companies in Denver CO. While it seems that window coverings are just plain home accessories, its benefits may actually help attract better renters.

Property Management Companies in Denver CO should consider adding window treatments to their list of amenities. Renters would love to know that the window treatments can help reduce their heating and cooling expenses. It can also provide enough daylight without too much glare and heat from the sun. In fact, there are window coverings which can save up to 33% of energy costs by providing added insulation for the home. Property managers who are advocating the use of eco-friendly materials may choose draperies and shades made from cotton, bamboo, hemp, flax, and other sustainable fabrics. Wooden blinds can be finished with non-toxic stains and paints to help improve the indoor air quality of the home. By installing carefully selected window treatments, the rental home will stand out from the rest of the rental listings for its added features.