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What Is The Geos Neighborhood? | Property Management Arvada

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Simply put, the Geos Neighborhood is a community in Arvada that combines traditional village living with cutting edge building practices that result in more energy being created than used by its inhabitants.  The Geos development was approved by Arvada City Council in 2008.  Building began in 2015 with eight initial homes and 12 more homes should be completed by the autumn of 2018. This type of community can be of great significance to those interested in the property management Arvada supplies.


New Urban Living


One of the main features of the Geos Neighborhood is the fostering of community.  Residents are encouraged to engage in a pedestrian lifestyle with tree-lined sidewalks, corner stores and local services at their disposal.  Parks, gardens and nested communities connected by walking paths play an important role in promoting community living. A mixed-use neighborhood is achieved with a variety of building types include housing for a range of incomes as well as live-work situations and commercial opportunities.  Diversity, affordability and sustainability are all important concepts in the Geos Neighborhood.


Sustainable Construction


Homes in the neighborhood are built according to Passive House Concepts.  This includes buildings that use 80% less energy than standard while providing first-rate air quality.  Cost-effective building is also taken into account so as not to discourage home buyers based on income levels.  Buildings are designed to make the most of the available sunlight and strive to meet the ultimate goal of net-zero energy through the use of solar panels.


Landscaping And Water


The Geos Neighborhood utilizes green areas and gardens to create Percolation Parks which help manage water runoff from rain and snowfall while simultaneously irrigating native plants and providing space for agriculture, leisure and wildlife.  Sidewalks and plazas are built using permeable paving to allow for efficient water filtration. As such, the design of the community is meant to facilitate conscientious management of runoff water and snowmelt.


The Future Of Housing?


For those interested in the types of property management Arvada has to offer, communities such as the Geos Neighborhood provide interesting examples of urban development that are meant to foster the concept of community while reducing their environmental footprint.  If you’d like to learn more about sustainable community development, contact the real estate experts at Woodruff Property Management for further information.