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What are Denver property managers responsible for?

Property management companies are hired by real estate owners who require a professional presence to oversee their rental property. Their responsibilities include property valuation, determination of rental prices, and advertising campaigns, as well as background screening of prospective tenants and negotiating rental agreements.

In general, the job of Denver property managers is to oversee the property at all time. The property manager is responsible for monitoring the day-to-day operation of rentals, whether commercial or residential, apartment complexes or single-family homes. Property managers play multiple roles and must be able to handle many issues simultaneously.

He or she is responsible for evaluating prospective tenants by receiving and screening rental applications. Property managers in Denver, CO are also responsible for publicly advertising vacancies. He or she must communicate professionally and effectively when addressing tenants’ concerns and taking appropriate action. If there is an incident on the property, it is the manager’s place to determine if liability falls on the renter or on the property owner. Property managers must also maintain government-regulated fire and safety standards on the premises.