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Top Tips for Decorating Your Property for Halloween

In many parts of the country, Halloween is a community event. Not only is it a time to enjoy the cooler fall weather at parties, but it’s also the perfect season to start decorating for the holidays. Whether you like to set the stage for children trick-or-treating on the big night or just want to show off your creativity, it’s important to make your decorations as safe as possible. Our rental property managers in Thornton share their top tips for decorating safely this Halloween.


1. Don’t leave anything hanging freely.

Whether you’re suspending ghosts from the trees or stringing a line of pumpkin lights across your front porch, check for loose wires. Use duct tape or small hooks to secure the wires to a post or other secure surface. Carefully inspect the walking path near decorations to make sure it’s free of wires and cables that can trip visitors.


2. Light the way for visitors.

Great Halloween stories may be set on dark and stormy nights, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep your home in the dark. If you have lights along outdoor walking paths, check the lights before the big night and replace the ones that don’t work. You can also line the sidewalk and driveway with walkway lights or flashlights so trick-or-treaters can safely walk to your door.


3. Put out the flames.

Unless you’re going to watch them at all times, don’t use regular candles to light up Jack-o-lanterns or create luminaries. If they tip over or catch a corner of a flammable costume, someone or something can get hurt. Instead, choose LED lighters or electric candles. You get the same glowing effect without the danger.


4. Choose the right extension cords.

If you’re putting up decorations that require electricity, make sure you get an extension cord that meets your power needs. First, choose cords designed for where you plan to use them—indoors or outdoors. Then check the amp rating or wire gauge to ensure you pick up a cord that can handle the demand you place on it. If you notice frayed wires or hot outlets, toss the extension cord and get another one.

Now that we’re in the midst of the holiday season, it’s an ideal time to find a place to call home. Talk to the rental property managers in Thornton at Woodruff Property Management to learn more about available properties. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to decorate your new home for the season.