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Top Renovations to Make Your Rental Property Shine in the New Year

There’s something exciting about welcoming a new year. It’s a time to bask in the promise of a fresh start and taken inventory of what’s working and not working in your life. It’s also the perfect opportunity to take a close look at your rental properties. Are they living up to their potential? Do they offer the features renters want? How do they compare to other properties in the area?

Colorado continues to attract new residents, and residential property management in Denver is growing right along with this trend. Make the most of the opportunity and the promises of the new year to turn your property into


Replace Outdated Windows

Installing new windows isn’t the most glamorous renovation, but it has a big impact on you and your renters. Those old, drafty windows let in too much cold air during the winter and hot air during the summer, forcing your heating and air conditioning systems to work overtime. This takes a toll on the environment and your wallet by increasing energy costs.

Energy efficient windows do more than save money. Some windows reduce road noise. Others filter the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Your renters will enjoy the extra peace and quiet this gives them, especially if the property is in a busy neighborhood. You and your renters will appreciate being able to open the curtains to let in light without fading the furniture and flooring.

Spruce Up the Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades continue to top the list of ways to boost your property’s resale value. This also applies to rental property. These two rooms are often the first to show signs of age, but they’re also some of the easiest to spruce up. Best of all, you can update these rooms without investing a ton of money.

Consider changing the fixtures to give the room an instant facelift. Replace a stationary shower head with an adjustable one. Install new faucets with a rich brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze finish. Switch out the cabinet and drawer hardware to give the entire room a uniform look. Swap a chipped, stained countertop with stain-resistant and durable quartz.

Increase the Available Storage

Renters like properties with ample storage space. It helps them keep everything organized, makes housekeeping easier and saves them time since everything has its own spot. This is even more important in smaller properties. You may want to install hooks near entryways for holding coats, bags and keys. Add risers and shelves under kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

As you look ahead at the possibilities the new year holds, consider partnering with someone who understands residential property management in Denver. At Woodruff Property Management, our team of property management professionals is always striving to be better. Call us today to find out how we can help you make the most of your rental in the coming year.