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Top Housing Markets for 2015

According to, Denver sits at the top spot as the best USA housing market for 2015 for the sales of single-family homes. The ranking is based on the present and anticipated future housing fundamentals. The five markets that topped the list from the 49 biggest American markets are: Denver followed by San Antonio, Nashville, Fort Lauderdale and Dallas. These markets have all shown increasing home prices and housing demands, affordability and exemplary economic and demographic conditions

The Top Three Markets:

The housing market in Denver is thriving. The local economy is doing well and high paying jobs drive people to Denver. As a result, the demand for housing has increased. The employment in Denver has risen by 4.3% from last year. Denver property managers expect housing demands to increase for the years to come.

San Antonio
San Antonio is flourishing, the economy is good and the increasing population and affordability has allowed sales to increase by 5.5% from last year. The economy has broadened to other industry sectors, decreasing the potential effect of declining Texan oil prices. The unemployment rate is low at only 4% as of early 2015.

Nashville has a strong economy and the local employment is booming. Millennials flock to Nashville because of tourism, education and health services. The housing market in Nashville is going strong and the home sales have increased by 4% from last year. Housing demands are expected to increase for years as well.