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Top 10 cities on the Energy Star list

Denver has once again proven that it is a clean and green city, Denver ranks no. 9 on EPA’s 2016 list of the Top 10 metropolitan areas with the most Energy Star certified buildings. Last 2015, Denver also ranked no. 9 on the list.

EPA ranks the 2016 top cities according to the number of buildings built in the area which earned Energy Star Certification last 2015. In order to qualify for the Energy Star, buildings must outstrip 75% of similar buildings located across the nation and earn a score of at least 75% out of 100%.

Last 2015, 215 building earned the energy star rankings, 151 out of the 215 are office buildings, 40 were schools and 16 were retails stores.

The total square footage of the buildings in Denver is 47 million square feet. Property management companies in Denver say that the total savings amounted to $52 million or equivalent to the electricity used by 58,000 homes in a year.

Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock said that Denver is committed to work side by side with the local business leaders to make Denver a greener city and reduce the city’s carbon footprint to ensure a more sustainable future.