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Tips on Getting Back Your Security Deposit

After your application gets approved, it is best that you go over the lease before you sign it. One of the things you need to pay close attention to is about deposits. At the end of the lease term you certainly would want to get your security deposit back. In order for that to happen, pay heed to these tips suggested by the rental property management companies in Denver Colorado.

• Before you sign the lease, read it thoroughly and pay special attention to deposits, term agreements and rent increases. Go over the lease agreement with the landlord and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

• Damages due to daily use should be part of the lease. Tenants are not responsible for damages incurred because of everyday use. These include worn carpets, broken appliances and small scratches on wood. These are things that degenerate over time and need to be replaced.

• Prior to moving in, you and the landlord should inspect the place for pre-existing damages. You are not responsible for these damages and do not affect your security deposit. You can take photos of how the place looks before you move in for documentation.

• When things get broken a few days after you moved in, inform the management as soon as possible. If you promptly inform the landlord, the chances of you paying for the damages will be slim.