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The Roommate Quest: Who Are Good Candidates To Be Your Roommate?

A roommate can be a blessing or your worst nightmare. Sure, you can save money by splitting the rent with someone, but can you live with someone you do not get along with? You have to find a roommate who has a personality that is compatible to yours. Listed below is a rundown of roommate potentials.

An acquaintance is a good candidate because you have a common ground of sorts. This person might be someone from an organization you are a member of. You do not have to worry about jeopardizing your relationship with them because they are not people you have a close relationship with.

Individuals recommended by your friends
Denver rental management firmly believe that people who are a “friend of a friend” make good candidates because they are vouched for. Your soul will be more at ease knowing that this person can be trusted and probably has qualities that might appeal to you, since the two of you have a common friend.

On the think twice list:
Friend – You trust and like your friend but you have to consider compatibility. You might be a neat freak and your friend might be a slob. You do not want to jeopardize your friendship over incompatibility.
Co-worker – A roommate is privy to your life outside of work. He can harm your career with the knowledge he has about you.
Stranger – You do not have any idea about this person and have to exhaust a lot of effort on getting to know him.