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The Law As It Relates To Home Repairs

Home repair issues can become a huge area of contention between a landlord and tenant if either party feels exploited or abused by the other. In such situations, it is best for the landlord and tenant to make themselves aware of the laws that exist involving the rights and responsibilities of both parties, and also ensure that they fully comprehend those rights and responsibilities. These can be fully explained by any Rental Management Company in Denver CO.

Landlords, as it is well known, have a responsibility to make any necessary repairs to the rental home to maintain the habitability of that home. But how far does this responsibility extend to? Well, landlords are only obligated to fix any problems that will make the dwelling unlivable. This means that the landlord is not required to fix every single nuisance that arises. They are only required to fix the major issues. A landlord will be required to fix an electrical problem or a water heater that doesn’t work for example, but will not be obligated to replace a dented appliance or repaint an area in which the paint has faded. Tenants, on the other hand, are responsible for any damage caused to the property that is as a result of their, or their family’s, neglect or abuse. For such issues, the tenant has the responsibility to make those repairs in a timely manner. The responsibility of repairs therefore, does not rest solely on the shoulders of the landlord.