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The Best and Worst Fabric for Pet Owners

Living with pets greatly affect your home rental, your home has to beautiful and clean at the same time. Denver rental management offer tips on which fabric to choose and avoid.


Leather is low maintenance and a few scratches can actually enhance the beauty of your leather furniture.
Microfiber does not invite dust and does not scratch easily. Microfiber is very easy to clean as well.
Denim and Canvas
Casual rooms can benefit from denim and canvas. They are easy to clean, scratch resistant and inexpensive.


Chenille and Velvet
Chenille is soft but attracts dirt. Animals can easily destroy chenille with scratches. Velvet is nice to touch;no wonder pets are attracted to it. Although you can easily remove hair with a lint remover, stains can easily damage it. Cleaning velvet is a pain as well since it is delicate and stains are hard to remove.
Tweed can easily be undone by pets with claws. It is also difficult to remove animal dander; you have to dedicate extra time and energy to clean tweed.
Silk is beautiful but extremely delicate. Silk is expensive, easily tears and is hard to clean. Silk is definitely not the most ideal fabric for homes with house pets and small children.