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Woodruff Real Estate and Property Management focuses on providing outstanding customer service to clients across Colorado. Customer Service is a highly important detail for businesses to focus on, especially in the property management industry. A company with exceptional customer service is guaranteed to stand out in a crowd of businesses that seem to offer a similar product or service.

One of the best ways a property management company can improve and perfect their customer service is through feedback from residents. Resident feedback is important because it provides a clear picture of the resident’s experience. It shows that the management company is invested in them, and is willing to listen to their needs. Below are a few ways property management companies can request and receive honest feedback from their residents.


A Resident Survey


Resident Surveys are a great way to ask for feedback because they are often anonymous. This allows the resident to be honest about their experience without the fear of the company being upset with them. Gathering surveys and analyzing their data helps property management companies find their strengths and weaknesses. Companies can then make the necessary changes to make their business stand out and improve resident satisfaction. Surveys often focus on a particular topic such as the company and staff, maintenance, or the leasing process, but may also be more broad to gather information about the client’s overall experience.


A Phone Call


It may sound simple, but another great way property managers can improve their customer service is through a phone call simply checking in on their client. Calling a client shortly after they move in shows that the company is invested in them. It also gives the company an idea of any difficulties the resident may have had when moving in, and lets them know what they need to improve in the leasing process. Another beneficial time to check in on a resident is in the middle of their lease. This is not only a great way for a company to show that they care about how things are going, but also gives them an idea of what the residents plans are after their lease is up. Overall, it is important for a management company to check in on their client on a regular basis. Maintaining communication is a great way to everything is going well in their home.


An Online Review


Another way to receive feedback is through an online review. Companies can send an invitation to their clients shortly after they move in, or before they move out to get an idea of their overall experience. If the feedback is positive, this also serves as a great marketing tool for the business. Clients are often excited to share their experience with friends and family, and an online review is an accessible and quick way they can do that.


What Happens after Feedback is Given?


An important part of gathering feedback is evaluating it and deciding the necessary changes the business needs to make. It is important for companies to have an open minded approach when doing this. Responding appropriately and professionally to feedback improves resident retention, and ultimately improves the company’s bottom line.

Client feedback gives a company an opportunity to make changes and remain competitive in a quickly changing market. Woodruff Real Estate and Property Management understands the importance of resident satisfaction, and strives to provide Colorado with excellent service.