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Sustainable landscaping benefits for property managers

When discerning Denver rental owners consider landscaping plans for their rental properties, they look for low-maintenance, cost-effective and beautiful ideas. To keep maintenance costs down and tenant retention rates high, choose eye-pleasing plants that are native to the Colorado environment. Picturesque landscaping attracts prospective tenants. Smart Denver Colorado Property Management companies like Woodruff Real Estate and Property Management employ this philosophy.

Courtyard gardening and sustainable landscaping serve as an added enhancement to the overall property. Small community gardens are available in some areas, giving tenants an outlet for relieving stress. They feast on the rewards of their labor and enjoy organic, homegrown produce. Once a tenant has put in the time and effort to grow their own food on a small patch of earth, it’s difficult to walk away from it.

Lighting of an apartment complex is another important part of the landscape planning process. Denver Colorado Property Management companies know Colorado folks relish the great outdoors and effective lighting can make for a safer outdoor experience. Keeping pace with the usage of alternative and cost-effective energy practices like solar-powered, timed and sensor-driven lighting appeals to today’s tenant clientele and property managers alike. It’s a win-win strategy!