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Summer Concerns For Each Property Manager Thornton Employs

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As the weather continues to warm, a new set of maintenance procedures will be necessary to ensure a comfortable summer for both the tenants and the property managers.  With temperatures easily climbing into the 90s and 100s, summertime brings on a whole new set of concerns for every property manager Thornton employs.  This article goes over some of the major summer responsibilities that  property managers should be keeping an eye on.


Air Conditioning


With temperatures in the Thornton area soaring as the summer approaches, ensuring that the air conditioning is in good working order is imperative.  After a series of hot weather days, indoor temperatures, especially on higher floors, can easily become dangerous – especially for older people. Air conditioning systems can alleviate the heat, but after a winter of sitting dormant, restarting them may not simply be a matter of changing the thermostat.  Air conditioning units should be tested before a major heatwave if possible, but if they’re found not to work once the hot weather arrives, professional help should be enlisted immediately. Hot weather isn’t just uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous.


Insect Control


The arrival of warm weather also heralds the arrival of insects.  While insects may not be as big a problem in urban areas, anywhere with a even a modicum of greenery or open water can allow mosquitos, wasps and black flys to hatch.  Eliminate areas of standing water and if sprays are necessary, now is the time to use them. Keep an eye out for the beginnings of wasp nests and destroy them before they become entrenched.  Check residence window and door screens for holes and if you have electric bug zappers, now is the time to test them out.


Sprinkler And Irrigation Units


Not only do sprinklers help the lawns stay alive during the hot weather, they also become a magnet for children looking to stay cool.  Well functioning sprinklers will not only keep your water usage down, they can become a central part of the community. Ensure your irrigation system is free of leaks to prevent unnecessarily high water bills, standing pools of water and damage to the landscaping caused by erosion.


Woodruff Property Management


As with most every property manager Thornton employs, Woodruff Property Management is proud to be involved in this home rule municipality.  We welcome the summer season and work our hardest to ensure our properties are livable and enjoyable during the warm weather.  If you’d like more information about our summer property management services, get in touch with us today.