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Roommate Guide: How to Negotiate on Holiday Decorations

Roommates often disagree about holiday decorations. Different beliefs can lead to conflicts. Denver rental management suggests that you follow the tips listed below before you and your roommate have decoration battle.

Decorating shared spaces
Decorations for shared spaces should not be over the top. If the living room is quite small, do not insist on purchasing a 12 foot tall pine tree. Keep in mind that the functionality of the room has to be kept intact.

Holidays that you don’t believe in
If you do not celebrate the holiday but your roommate does, the most prudent thing to do is to understand that the holiday is important for your roommate. Allow the roommate to reasonably decorate common areas. If you are the roommate who loves to decorate the home rental during holidays, remember to remove the decoration when the holiday is over.

Give and take
If you want to go all out on the decorations for this year, you can get your roommate to acquiesce to your request by offering a compromise. Offer to clean the bathroom or do the cooking. Your roommate will be more amendable to your request if you do so. If you plan to have lavish decorations for this year, tell your roommate that the decorations for the following year will be kept simple.