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Roommate Guide: How to Live with Someone Who Is Neater or Messier Than You

Roommates fall under 2 categories, the roommate who is obsessed with keeping everything neat and clean and the messy roommate. Housekeeping duties is a common problem among roommates but there are tactics you and your roommate can utilize regarding housekeeping duties.

Before you assume that your roommate is deliberately trying to provoke you with her messy ways. Talk to her first. She might be going through a tough time or she is not aware that she leaves her things all over the place.

If you are a neat freak, do not set such lofty standards for cleanliness for the messy roommate. The messy roommate probably does not do things the way you do. Don’t expect a slob to color code or to arrange things alphabetically. If you are a messy person, remember to keep shared areas such as the kitchen or bathroom clean, it does not have to be squeaky clean but nevertheless it has to be clean. For all of the slobs out there, make it a habit to pick up after your mess.

Divide chores
Rental property management in Denver CO believe that assigning a chore that is a good fit for your personality can be beneficial for everyone. If you are good at keeping the house clean but you are a lousy cook, and your roommate is the opposite, the two of you can settle for a compromise. You can be in charge of keeping the home rental clean and she will be responsible for the weekly groceries and the cooking.