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Risk Reduction and Management Solutions for Rental Properties

With the large number of rental homes managed by property management in Denver CO, it is necessary to prevent unfortunate events as much as possible. Safety hazards should always be among the primary concerns of any property manager, in order to protect both life and investment.

There are ways to prevent accidents, injuries, and damages from happening in the rental home. Property management in Denver CO must be able to identify the risks around the property. Risk reduction starts around the rental home’s surroundings. Damaged interiors such as loose handrails, squeaking floors, and broken fixtures must be repaired or replaced. Overgrown tree branches and dead tree limbs must be removed from the premises. If the rental home is located in an area frequented by storms and strong winds, the windows, doors, and roof should be reinforced to withstand the elements. In case of emergencies, tenants should know where to evacuate or take shelter in when they need to. Routine maintenance also keeps the rental property in top shape, and this should include inspection of the heaters, electrical connections, and overall structure of the house. Tenants should also be reminded of the basics of home safety such as turning off the stove, avoiding octopus connections, and turning off the faucet. However, prevention should not only be the solution. The rental home must be insured, and the tenants may also get their own insurance to safeguard their belongings.