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Residential Property Management Denver: Owner Advice

Residential Property Management Denver

The reasons a homeowner hires a residential property manager Denver may be varied, but the fact remains that a residential property manager is there to act on behalf of the owner.  But what happens when a tenant bypasses the property manager and contacts the owner directly?  This post will give some advice to house owners who employ a residential property manager but have been contacted by a tenant directly.


Redirect Them To The Residential Property Management Denver Team


It’s very possible that the tenant made an honest mistake by contacting the owner directly, so give them the benefit of the doubt and remain calm, considerate and polite.  Provide the tenant with the phone number of the property manager and explain the management company is the primary point of contact for the tenant.  Emphasize that the property managers are under contract to you and is employed to take care of any of their concerns


Avoid Negotiating With The Tenant


Avoid any conversation with the tenant pertaining to details regarding the property.  Whether it be rental fees, repairs, eviction notices or anything else related to the property, resist any attempt to discuss these matters with the tenant.  Remain firm, but calm in insisting that they contact the property management company regarding the issues related to the residence.  Do no react if they threaten you with legal action or any other type of force.  Simply maintain that any property matters will be expeditiously dealt with by the relevant representative.


Inform The Property Manager Of The Occurrence


Contact the property manager immediately after the occurrence and inform them that the client has bypassed the official communication channels.  The property manager will, from there, get in touch with the tenant directly to rectify the situation.  By allowing the property manager to take control of the situation, the tenant’s issues will be addressed while the owner is able to maintain the distance that led them to hire a property manager in the first place.
The residential property management Denver company, Woodruff Property Management, always has a dedicated team available to treat your property as if it were their own.  Get it touch to find out how their rental management services can help you today.