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Rental Property Management Westminster | Tasks to Prepare for Fall Tenants

Rental Property Management Westminster

Being in the property management business, there is always regular maintenance services that need to be taken care of. However, there is also a list of tasks and chores that should be completed between seasons to prepare for upcoming renters. By upgrading, inspecting and properly maintaining units, landscaping and common areas, rental property management Westminster teams can avoid costly repairs down the road or have to scramble to prepare for an influx of new tenants each season.


Here are a few key tasks that should be included on your summer to-do list that will ensure that you are properly prepared for new tenants this fall:


Check Appliances


Generally, tenants will not have used their air conditioning over the winter months, so the air filter should be checked in the summer and any excess buildup or gunk cleaned. At the same time, inspect the unit’s heater to make sure that it will be working properly during the upcoming fall and winter season. Don’t forget about the furnace – which needs routine maintenance to extend its life expectancy. The filter needs to be changed annually and only takes a couple of minutes.


Insulation Checks


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Insulation plays an important role in how comfortable your renters feel when the weather cools down. Over time, insulation can wear down, becoming less effective – something that not all rental property management Westminster professionals realize. If insulation is worn, it will end up costing more money to heat the unit. Inspect before tenants move in the fall to make sure that any necessary repairs can be completed throughout the warm summer months.




Especially after a harsh winter, summer is the season to prepare for it to all happen again. The weight of heavy snow on bushes and trees on your building’s property can take a toll. Broken limbs can also be dangerous and can cause property damage – especially to roofs. Make sure to thoroughly prune your trees and shrubs to ensure and broken or damaged branches have been properly removed.


As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!