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Rental Property Management Denver | How Instagram Can Attract Tenants

Rental property management

Social media is becoming a very useful marketing tool. Platforms like Twitter can be very effective in engaging with current tenants, but being limited to 140 characters can make it more challenging to use it for generating new leads. Instagram is much more effective, as it’s a visual platform. People respond well to visual marketing, and the ‘Millennial’ generation, particularly, prefer to look at pictures and video when they look for a new home.

When you’re taking photos of your property, you will need a good camera. Many smartphones have cameras that will be able to capture the picture quality you need. If, however, your rental property management Denver team is offering high-end properties for rent, then you should think about investing in a high-quality camera.

You should take photos of the property, but don’t forget to take photos of the neighborhood as well. Trendy, up and coming neighborhoods will have plenty of popular restaurants, and entertainment venues, which makes it easy to highlight the features. If you allow pets on your property, then highlight the local dog park, or the most used dog walking routes. Tenants don’t only consider the property, they consider the neighborhood as well.


Videos and Hashtags


Rental property management Denver

In terms of statistics, 75% of Instagram users act when they see an advertising post. Though, there are some things that you can do to encourage users to take action. Regular posting helps, as Hootsuite says that top brands post on average five times per week. If you use a filter, use the same one every time, and try to keep your look uniform. Users do become suspicious if filters are overused, and begin to think that the poster is hiding something.

Posting videos of the property and neighborhood are also important. Videos do need to be good quality, but they don’t have to be lengthy. Instagram videos can be between 3 and 60 seconds long, so you have a 60-second window to make the best impression you possibly can.

You will also need to use hashtags when you post, but you should research which tags will be relevant, and will create the most engagement. Use hashtags like #realestate, #familyhome and hashtag the area the property is in.

Instagram is a fantastic platform, and it can help attract rental leads, as well as increase your current tenant engagement.