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Rental Management Aurora | 21rst Century Communication Tips

Rental Management Aurora

As a property manager you’re constantly reminded of the importance of communication with your tenants.  Whether you need to let them know about upcoming maintenance programs, want them to change the way they’re dealing with their trash and recycling bins or have essential information regarding rental payments, there’s nothing more frustrating than being told they never got the memo.  The fact is, the way people communicate is constantly evolving and as a rental management Aurora entrepreneur, keeping up with that evolution is an important part of your job. Take a look at some of these 21rst century communication tips to make sure you’re keeping up with the times.


Smart Communication With The Smartphone


It’s obvious that we live in a smartphone dominated world.  But even if you’re admired for being one of the world’s last cellphone holdouts, you really aren’t doing your business any favors.  If you still refuse to get onboard with the mobile phone revolution at least show some consideration for your tenants. Ensure your website and any online interfaces used by your tenants are compatible with mobile technology.


Text Me!


It’s not only millennials who choose to communicate mainly via text messaging.  The older generations are also realizing that if you’re looking for your message to be noticed and acted upon, texting is currently the most efficient method of communication.  To get around everyone being charged for every text message being sent, consider setting up a WhatsApp group that gets around text charges by using wifi. You’ll also be able to see who’s received your text and if they’ve read it.


Online Interfaces


Consider investing in an online interface for you and your tenants.  It’s not always landlords who are complaining about tenants not receiving information; quite often the opposite is also true.  Tenants also need to know that their concerns are heard and being acted upon. Property managers should go beyond a simple website that advertises their wares.  A full service online interface can be added to the current site or act as a standalone. You should also consider a mobile friendly app. Such interfaces allow both the property manager and the tenant to know that they’re being heard and their issues are being acknowledged.


Woodruff Property Management


If your rental management Aurora properties need some assistance with communications or any other property management issues, reach out to the experts at Woodruff for professional advice.