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Rental Management Arvada | The Continuing Saga Of The G Line

Rental Management Arvada

Denver Union Station

On February 15, the Regional Transportation District (RTD) stood before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to once again make its case for allowing the long delayed G Line to finally open – something rental management Arvada companies keenly await.  A decision is expected later this month.


The 11.2 mile electric light rail line that runs from Denver Union Station to Wheat Ridge with stops in Arvada and five other locations was completed a year ago but has still not made it through the testing stages.  The G Line was originally scheduled to open in the fall of 2016, however an actual opening date has yet to be announced.


Although the Federal Railroad Administration gave the green light to open the project late last year, the CPUC subsequently ruled the RTD has still not yet met the standards it promised when the project was initially approved.


The main issue is a wireless system that activates crossing gates for the A, B and G Lines.  The problem of crossing gates lowering too early and staying down too long has required the RTD to position flag people on all the affected lines – including the unopened G Line.


Because of the gate problems, trains are required to blow their horns when approaching crossings.  Until the wireless system’s issues are resolved, testing cannot be completed and “no train horn” quiet zones are unable to be implemented.


The 5 hour, February 15 hearing allowed the RTD to appeal a September 2017 decision by the CPUC which denied the G Line full testing required before opening.  The RTD stood before a CPUC judge to assert that it has recently made significant improvements to the system.


The G Line is part of the FasTracks plan, a multi billion dollar, voter approved public transportation expansion project.  The project has many proponents in the rental management Arvada community as it will provide quicker transportation access for Arvada renters who work in downtown Denver.


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