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Recommended Pet Policies for Home Rentals

Responsible landlords should include a pet policy as part of the lease. Property Managers in Denver believe that with these policies tenants who own pets will be made aware of their obligations and those tenants without pets will not suffer any inconvenience. Tenants who are considering getting a pet in the future will also benefit from the pet policies.

Charge pet deposits that are refundable.
Most states allow owners to charge pet deposits. Owners can make the deposit refundable to encourage the owners to keeping their pets in line.

Stipulate the types of animals allowed
Owners can create a list of animals allowed and the respective animal breeds to eliminate dangerous pets. Limit the number of pets to 1 or 2 , however there is no need to put a limit on the number of pet fishes.

Pet history and interview
Interview the prospective tenants regarding their pet’s behavior. See the pet personally, request the prospective tenant to bring his/her pet cat or dog to see how well the owner and pet interact. A well behaved dog will respond to commands.

Pet owner’s responsibilities
• Require the prospective tenant that all their pets are required to have the necessary vaccines, licenses and other pertinent pet care details.
• Inform the tenant that they are responsible for cleaning up any mishaps that their pet might cause within the premises.
• All pets must be housed appropriately such as cages for reptiles, small mammals and birds.
• In the event that the pet becomes a threat, the pet will have to be removed from the premises.
• Temporarily housing animals; pet sitting and taking in strays will be subject for approval by the owner.

Assistance dog
Property Managers in Denver say that special considerations should be given for the assistance dogs of disabled people. These dogs are not working dogs and have an essential role in helping disabled people in their day to day activities.