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Questions to Ask Prospective Tenants

When conducting interviews, Denver CO property managers suggest you ask standard questions to help you determine if the prospective tenant will be a suitable candidate for your home rental.

Reason for moving
Listen carefully to the prospective tenant’s explanation. Justifiable reasons for moving include changing jobs, needing more space. Be careful of reasons such as being evicted for bad behavior and unruly pets.

References from former landlords
References from a former landlord will tell you a lot about the prospective tenant’s attitude. You will be able to determine if he abides house rules and pays rent in a timely manner.

Willingness to submit for a credit and background check
A prospective tenant must be willing to sign a consent form. Prospective tenants who refuse to do so will automatically be removed from your list.

If you have a no pets allowed policy, save time by asking if he has any pets. All prospective tenants who have pets will be eliminated from the pool. Your choices will be further narrowed down with this question.


Ask if the prospective tenant has ever been evicted. Listen to their explanation for the eviction. Decent people get evicted for a variety of reasons such as sudden financial or family crisis.