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Questions That All Serious Tenants Should Ask

Both landlords and tenants have certain responsibilities concerning each other. Both landlords and tenants also have certain rights granted to them that are enforceable by law. These groups should therefore keep themselves informed of these rights and responsibilities so that they can recognize when they are infringed upon, and seek remediation where necessary.

In light of these rights, tenants should ask their Property Managers in Denver all the relevant questions from the outset, that is, prior to the actual signing of the rental agreement and moving into the rental space. Below is a listing of some of questions that, when asked and adequately answered, will provide tenants with relevant insight:

● How much will be charged for the security deposit?
● Should I decide to leave, how long will it take for the security deposit to be returned?
● How often is the rent likely to be raised?
● Will you be willing to make any necessary repair to the rental unit if and when that becomes necessary?
● Should you need me to move out of the rental unit, how much notice will I be provided with?