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Property Managers Littleton – Get Ready for Saint Patrick’s Day


Hosting resident events are a wonderful way to build community spirit in the properties that you manage and show renters how much you value their tenancy. As most property management companies know, a significant factor in reducing your vacancy rate is providing excellent customer service and fostering a positive environment by offering a few gestures that showcase how great it is to live at your multifamily property and create some neighborhood bonding.

Holidays can be a great opportunity to plan tenants events around, however, it is best to steer clear of major religious holidays. By embracing light-hearted and fun holidays, such as St Patrick’s day, you can plan a simple event that all residents will enjoy attending.

Here are a few simple tips that property managers Littleton can use to create a fun and festive community event:


Go Green:

It is easy to decorate for and most people own some type of green clothing. A few simple decorations in the common rooms such as table cloths, a pot of gold or even a banner that says ‘We Are Lucky to Have You as a Tenant’ can make a warm impression.

Host a Raffle:

For some added fun, consider offering a raffle for a few exciting prizes such as a nearby restaurant gift card or some movie tickets. You can announce that proceeds from the draw will be used to upgrade a common facility such as adding new gym equipment or installing new lighting.

St Patrick’s Day Spread:

Everyone loves food. By simply just having some decorated cookies or snacks in your lobby available as residents walk in will be greatly appreciated. Include a nice handwritten note mentioning that you are thankful that they live in your establishment and that you value what they contribute to your community.

However you decide to make your tenants feel appreciated and valued, St Patrick’s Day is a nice option to throw in an added surprise. No matter what, property managers Littleton always want to ensure that their renters feel comfortable and love living in their units, and a few little gestures can make a big impact.

What ideas does your team use to show appreciation to your tenants? Let us know in the comments!