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Property Managers Littleton | Ensuring Tenant Safety

Property Managers Littleton

An important part about being a property management team is the essential responsibility of providing a safe home and environment for your tenants. While there are numerous municipal building and safety codes that need to be followed for structural compliance, tenant safety is more than just having security cameras installed.


Here are the best ways that property managers Littleton can contribute towards providing a safe community for tenants and also increase their overall property value.




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Although not all states require that landlords change the locks after a previous tenant moves out, it is an important step to take to not only ensure that your new tenants feel safe but also that no unauthorized person can enter the unit. Keys can easily be duplicated and by not changing the locks, there is no way of knowing how many former tenants have spare copies.




Windows and doors need to be secure. For additional security, install peepholes in doors so that tenants can see who is outside before opening the door. Windows should have pins installed to prevent them from being opened too wide – a target for break ins. Also, installing window treatments or awnings help provide privacy and make renters feel more comfortable in their unit.


Exterior Lights


Ensuring that the exterior of your property is well lit is an inexpensive way to deter criminal activity and well as the safety of your tenants entering the building when it is dark out. Without adequate lighting, renters may easily trip over a hidden object and it is easier for criminals to lurk near the entrance, waiting for an opportunity to get inside.


If property managers Littleton frequently attend and inspect their properties maintenance increases the chances of finding potential problems and correct before a safety issue occurs. Property inspections should not only be conducted when a unit is vacant, but during regular intervals when it is occupied as well.


Any measure that your team takes to help keep your tenants and property safe is well worth the effort. Properties that feature substantial security measures are more attractive to tenants and help keep the your occupancy and rental retention rates high.