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Property Managers in Henderson, Get Visual with Your Marketing


Every year, property managers Henderson have to review their annual budget, advertising contracts and adjust their marketing spend. If you haven’t done a thorough review yet this year, now is the time. The behaviors in how renters shop for apartments change and you need to make sure you are aligned with the trends, latest technology and be visible to where rental prospects are searching.

The hottest trend for 2017 is creating exceptional visual content that will attract searchers. Here are the top two tips for property managers to incorporate into their marketing efforts:

Have Excellent Visual Content


Searchers are moving to focus on more visible content and your property rental can’t be left behind. Prospective tenants want to see all the details of where they could possibly be living before they need to make an effort to view the property. This doesn’t mean walking around with your smart phone and snapping random photos of your units and location. Invest in professional, high-quality photos with exceptional lighting that can make you location truly stand out and entice a potential renter to book a viewing appointment.

Some key areas to include in your online photographs are:

Video is Taking Over

Even better than photos is a professionally done video tour that gives a full 360-degree view of your property and rental units. This allows prospective tenants to look at apartments online and decide if it may be an opportunity worth pursuing, which saves your staff time by only having to book appointments with tenants that have a thorough understanding of what your facility has to offer.

You can even go one step further and offer a customized virtual tour for each of your unit types. No matter what, before you allocate marketing spend to any other area, make sure that your website has enough visual imagery to sell your location and bring in prospective tenants for a location tour.