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Property Managers Denver | Thanksgiving Safety

Once Halloween has passed, people look to Thanksgiving as the next major holiday. Jack O’ Lanterns get cooked down to make pumpkin pie, students prepare to return home from college for the long weekend and a turkey is typically purchased for the Thanksgiving meal. For all the warm feelings and memories that Thanksgiving brings, it’s also a season that requires a safety reminder. Although it’s a little known fact, the occurrence of house fires more than doubles around the Thanksgiving long weekend. For this reason it’s important that the property managers Denver employs remind their tenants to be extra vigilant over the holiday long weekend.


Deep Fried Turkeys


The biggest reason for the increase in house fires during Thanksgiving is the rising popularity of deep fried turkeys. Although deep fried turkeys are said to be tastier and juicier than their oven cooked counterparts, there is a very real risk of fire and injury if not done properly. Improper cooking techniques can result in hot oil overflows, instantaneous grease fires or outright explosions. Some would-be chefs even try out this new technique inside their home or garage which is an absolute no-no. For this reason, the property managers Denver commissions should take it upon themselves to send a friendly safety message to their tenants before the Thanksgiving weekend arrives.


The Safety Message


Because Thanksgiving is a time of celebration, grace and gratitude, there’s no need to be heavy handed when it comes to a safety warning. But informing your tenants about the seasonal increase in cooking fires along with genuine concern about their safety can actually promote goodwill and gratefulness in the tenant/property manager relationship. Simply state the facts about the inherent dangers of deep frying turkeys and give them tips on how to avoid a catastrophe. Turkey deep fryers should never be used indoors, which includes garages, and should be kept at least 10 feet away from any surrounding structures with no overhead impediments. Remind tenants to use an appropriately sized fryer and to leave room for the turkey by using the correct amount of oil. Turkeys should be thoroughly thawed and patted dry before submersion. Under no circumstances should a frozen turkey be fried – this is a recipe for disaster. A fire extinguisher should be kept on hand. A good property manager might even consider providing fire extinguishers for any tenants using a deep fryer for Thanksgiving. Sending them a copy of FEMA’s “Prevent a Turkey Fryer Fire” flyer will also help raise awareness about this potential hazard.


To A Happy And Safe Thanksgiving


A small bit of tenant outreach can serve to ensure a safe and joyous holiday weekend. Take a bit of time to educate your tenants and loved ones about a little known house fire statistic this holiday season.