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Property Managers Colorado | Upgrades To Make Your Property A Luxury Rental

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Property rental can be a great way to earn an extra income,and luxury rentals attract more tenants and a higher rent. Renovations though can be expensive, and if they involve a professional, or a team of professionals, the costs can quickly escalate out of control. Property managers Colorado say that there are some things you can do yourself to keep the costs low, but improve the rental value of your property.


One of the fastest, and more cost effective, ways to change the look of a room is to change the lighting fixtures. Switch old, outdated fixtures for new up to date ones, and make the room seem more open, and well lit.

Garage Door

If the property has a garage, then one of the first things that prospective tenants will see is the garage door. Property managers Colorado know that an old, worn out or out of date door can give a bad first impression to any tenants, so replace the old doors for more modern ones.


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A fireplace can be a great focal point of a room, but if it looks out of date or dirty, it can really take away from the value of your property. One option is to cover the fireplace with glass doors with tinted glass. It hides the mess while the fire isn’t in use, and still keeps the fireplace as a great looking feature. Another option is to paint the brick, and re-stain, or paint the mantle. This gives an immediately different look to the fireplace.


The kitchen is another focal point in a home, and it gets a lot of foot traffic. One of the quickest ways to make it feel more luxurious is to replace the cabinets. Yo may have the budget to replace all the cabinets, or you may only want to replace the doors. For a tight budget, even re-painting or refacing the doors can have a massive impact. You can also change the handles for more modern looking ones or consider replacing the backsplash.  


You can give the property a deep clean yourself, or you can hire a cleaning company. If you do decide to do it yourself, make sure you remember to clean the baseboards, windows, window treatments, fans, appliances, and anywhere else that may be overlooked.