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Property Managers Colorado: Combating Bed Bugs



Bed bugs, it seems, are becoming a more common affliction affecting travellers, renters and owners alike.  The property managers Colorado has working realize that bed bug problems are not restricted to the poor and unclean.  Bed bugs have been found in five star hotels, first rate airplanes and places that are cleaned on a daily basis.  However, the fact is that bed bugs can be a devastating problem financially, physically and emotionally.  This article will go over the ways to take care of a bed bug problem quickly and effectively.


It requires time, patience and consistency to get rid of a bed bug infestation.  There are no quick fixes.  You will need to utilize a variety of chemical and non-chemical techniques to eradicate bed bugs from your property.  Once you identify a bed bug problem, you should create and follow a treatment timeline to ensure complete eradication.


Clear The Area


You should remove as much furniture from the area as possible.  If you’ll be transporting the furniture through unaffected areas, it’s important to wrap everything in plastic to prevent spreading the bugs.  Mattress seams should be scrubbed with a stiff brush and vacuumed before being placed in plastic or a tightly woven, zippered cover (there are special bed bug proof mattress and box spring bags available) and removed from the property.


Wash Fabrics In Hot Water


Anything that can be washed in a washing machine, including bedding, curtains, throw rugs and other washable materials should be washed with the hottest water available.  The fabrics should then be dried in a dryer on the highest temperature setting possible.  Any fabrics that can’t be washed will need to be dry cleaned or disposed of completely.


Vacuum Thoroughly


The affected rooms need to be thoroughly vacuumed.  Pay careful attention to cracks, folds and crevices where bed bugs can hide.  Ensure that the vacuum cleaner is emptied after each use and the dust bag sealed before disposal.


Use Insecticide


This may be something that is better left to professionals, but it is possible to purchase bed bug insecticides over the counter.   Carpets require special attention as do door and window frames. Make sure to treat the legs, feet and posts of all furniture and bed frames.  Bed bug traps are also available for furniture feet and legs and may give you an idea of how effective your efforts have been.


A bedbug infestation is far from pleasant, but it appears to be more common than it has been in the past.  The property managers Colorado has realize that dealing with this problem head on is much better than ignoring it and hoping it will go away.  In the case of bed bugs, quickly getting over the stigma of an infestation and getting on with the solution is more important than wasting time avoiding the problem.