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Property Managers Aurora And The New Council Members


Aurora has recently welcomed four newly elected Aurora City Council members:  Crystal Murillo, David Gruber, Allison Hiltz and Nicole Johnston.  For many of the property managers Aurora employs, this changing of the guard may not seem very significant.  However, some believe the campaign platforms put forward by the new electees may affect the property management business.


The Emerge Colorado Program

Three of the new council members, Murillo, Hiltz and Johnston, graduated from Emerge Colorado, a training program for Democratic women that teaches them how to run an election campaign.  Although council elections are non-partisan, the Aurora City Council has been traditionally composed mainly of Republicans. The Emerge graduates, self-described progressives, all campaigned on platforms that promoted affordable housing and smart, sustainable growth.

The Air Force Man

The fourth new council member, David Gruber, is an Air Force veteran and was the senior commander of base operations at Buckley Air Force base.  His campaign also spoke about well managed growth and concerns about the affordability of housing.  Gruber is also concerned about local tax revenues, or the lack thereof.  With most city council tax revenues generated by sales tax, and not property tax, he spoke of finding ways to increase tax revenue without raising taxes for Aurora residents.


How Will These New Council Members Affect Property Managers Aurora?


It’s hard to ascertain exactly what kind of affect the new council members will have on property managers in Aurora, as they’ve only completed one meeting so far and it included the swearing in of the new members.  However, if the new council members do have anything in common, it seems that responsible growth and affordable housing are a common theme among the bunch. Murillo, for one, cites home ownership as her priority.  Gruber points out that since new housing doesn’t come with associated tax revenues, such developments lead to the city footing the bill for the infrastructure to support those buildings.  How this plays out for the property managers Aurora utilizes will be seen as the year allows the new council members to get fully involved in the job.
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