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Property Manager Littleton | Spring Maintenance Agenda

property manager Littleton

March didn’t exactly come in like a lion this year which gives many hope that winter is done with and spring is just around the corner.  Whether or not the area plunges into the deep freeze once again this month, we can at least be assured that the warm weather will return eventually.  In preparation for spring, every property manager Littleton employs should be developing a maintenance agenda to ensure their properties are in good shape for the change in seasons.  Here are some jobs that should be on every property manager’s spring task list.


Clean The Gutters


Gutters should be cleaned once or twice a year depending on the amount of leaf dropping trees in your area.  Gutters play an important role in leading rainwater towards drainpipes and away from your house. Leaking or blocked gutters can result in damage to your foundation and walls.  Subsequent dampness issues can lead to mold and ill health. If you notice large amounts of sand or grit in the gutters it may signal a problem with your roof. When cleaning gutters, ensure the ladder is stabilized by another person and not perched on any ice.


Examine The Roof


While you’re cleaning the gutters, it may be a good time to examine your roof.  Look for any shingles that are missing, damaged or loose. Ensure the various parts of the chimney are in good condition including its cap and the base where it meets the roof.  Inspect any flashing (material used as waterproofing in roof valleys or around chimneys and vents) for rust of cracked caulking. If you find moss growing on your roof it may indicate decay and warrants further inspection.


Inspect The Foundation


Take a walk around your property inside and out to check the foundation walls, concrete work and floors for signs of fracturing, damage or disintegration.  Winter weather can cause concrete to expand and contract leading to cracks and splitting. If you notice anything untoward, contact a professional to assess the damage.


Check The Doors And Windows


You’ll want to make sure any window screens are in good condition in preparation for warmer weather.  Now would also be a good time for cleaning windows and doors inside and out. Inspect the door and window frames for damage or wear.  Make sure any caulking on the windows is in good condition and the weather stripping on your doors has made it through the winter unscathed.


Woodruff Real Estate And Property Management


Woodruff Property Management provides rental management services all around the Denver area.  The property manager Littleton maintenance agenda is designed to ensure the properties are cared for year round as if they were our own.  For more information, contact Woodruff today.