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Property Management Thornton | Two Common Tenant Questions

Property Management Thornton

When any prospective tenant is seeking a rental unit, they generally have a list of questions for the property management Thornton team during the showing. By ensuring that your staff is consistently trained to provide responses that are aligned with your buildings policies and procedures, you can increase the chances of signing leases to tenants that will be a good fit in your rental community and understand your expectations.

Prospective tenants of your property will probably take a more cautious approach because they need more information and assurance before finally signing the lease. When these questions come up during the viewing, preparation is the best tool to have.

Here are two of the most common questions that property management Thornton teams receive and what to make sure is included in your staff’s response:

Are pets allowed here? What about exotic animals?

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As a property manager, you more than likely already have a firm policy on pets, meaning dogs and cats. But, people can also have a range of exotic animals from birds, lizards to snakes. The explanation to your tenants should include what exotic pets you allow and if there is any damage to the property, how you will go about handling it. It’s vital that you do your research on these pets beforehand. If you choose to allow pets, clearly explain and clarify the consequences and any additional conditions (such as mandatory carpet cleaning at the tenant’s expense)  in the lease.

How much is the rent and what’s the method of payment?

Prospective tenants may see an out of date listing of the property with old prices. It’s important to know the current amount of rent and deposits when speaking with anyone viewing your units. In addition, you need to clarify how your tenants are expected to pay rent such as checks, email transfer or if cash is accepted at the rental office. Remember, whenever possible that offering a range of options will shrink the number of late rent payments. If your building charges any non-refundable deposits, always make this clear in the lease before they sign.  A possible tenant may try to bargain the price of the rent. Consider ahead of time if you will lower the monthly cost or other negotiable factors that may make both parties happy if you deem the tenant to be a suitable fit. However, make sure that your entire team is well versed on which and what exceptions may be made and under which circumstances.

Are there any other common rental questions that your team faces? Let us know in the comments!