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Property Management Thornton | Tips Before Showing a Unit

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Property management Thornton teams are familiar with the fact that attracting the best possible renters can be a stressful situation for both property owners and rental managers. Here are several tips to consider before listing a unit to help ensure the screening process is smooth, efficient and that you find a fantastic tenant.




In a perfect world, when a tenant moves out they will leave the unit in spotless condition, exactly as they found it. The reality is that there will most likely be some cleaning and touch-ups that will need to be done after inspecting the unit. The most overlooked areas for cleaning are windows, walls, blinds, curtains and ceiling fans.


Inspect Appliances

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In addition to cleaning the kitchen, make sure to inspect the appliances as well. For electric ranges, always replace the drip pans. It is inexpensive and greatly improves the appearance of the range. The oven and racks should be cleaned and all the burners tested to ensure that they are working properly. If the unit is a gas range, check the connections and test for potential leaks.

Refrigerators often are left dirty and caked with food debris. Remove all the shelves and drawers to thoroughly clean and make sure that no mold or grime is hidden in any cracks. Also, adjust the temperature to ensure that food will not spoil or accidentally freeze for when the new tenants move in.




Upon inspecting the vacant unit, determine if there is any obvious damage such as a hole in the wall or broken window. Immediately fix any issues before showing the unit to prospective renters, Test the plumbing systems and electrical fixtures to ensure that everything is working properly. For smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors, replace the batteries.

By following the simple steps above, property management Thornton teams can quickly get their vacant units rented and attract quality new tenants.