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Property Management Thornton: Thanksgiving For Residents

Property Management Thornton

The Thanksgiving season is the perfect time for property management Thornton teams to reach out to their residents to create some familiarity, goodwill and a sense of community.  Not only does this establish a common ground between residents and managers which can be useful in the future for both parties involved, but it lets the residents know that they are respected and cared for while managers are able to become better acquainted with their tenants.


A Non-Traditional Celebration


That being said, it’s not actually necessary to put on a full Thanksgiving dinner for your residents to enjoy the benefits that a social event can offer.  The probability is that most people already have some sort of dinner plans in place and trying to shoehorn another full dinner into a day that’s typically linked to the immediate family is likely to result in reduced participation.  An informal get together on a day other than Thanksgiving Thursday is more likely to engage residents who have already had their fill of turkey and pumpkin pie.


Saturday Luncheon Date


Scheduling a lunch for the Saturday following Thanksgiving day allows residents to be with family on the actual holiday, take part in Black Friday sales, give them time to rest on Sunday before getting on with their upcoming weekly obligations and doesn’t conflict with any football scheduling.  By serving a light lunch, residents and property managers alike are able take a few short hours out of their long weekend without significantly reducing time with their families.  Consider an easy setup and teardown by providing self-serve drinks, finger foods and a simple dessert.


Developing Community


Ultimately, putting on events such as a Thanksgiving weekend luncheon is about creating familiarity, promoting community and enhancing relationships.  This type of community building results in better communication between residents and managers, higher tenancy rates and lowered chances of conflict.  Holidays such as Thanksgiving are perfect for such events because there isn’t the same type of bustle as there is associated with Christmas yet people are already inclined towards communal goodwill and altruism.  Employees of the property management Thornton area can benefit immensely from residential community building events that holidays such as Thanksgiving can afford.