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Property Management Northglenn | Make Your Unit Stand Out


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Colorado has a booming rental market and with so many prospective tenants, property management Northglenn teams are constantly trying to make the best impression to attract renters. From bonuses or rent incentives for signing a lease or state of the art amenities, there are a handful of successful tips that can help make your rental unit stand out from the crowd.


Alarm System


Peace of mind is an attractive feature to renters. With home break-ins and burglaries on the rise, a home security system is an excellent way to help your tenants feel safe and secure. There are a number of alarm companies on the market and many will offer a discounted price to install alarms in multiple units. Once the alarm system is up and running, factor the monthly monitoring charge into your lease agreement.


Curb Appeal


The exterior of your property makes a big statement. Make sure you have a new doormat and a fresh coat of paint on the front door. A few plants or flowerbeds will a well maintained lawn boosts curb appeal and will be noticed by prospective tenants.


Kitchen Upgrades


A refreshed kitchen can go a long way in making your unit stand out. If your kitchen is seriously outdated or has seen too much wear and tear, consider:



1 – Replacing outdated light fixtures for modern ones

2 – Upgrade leaky faucet

3 – Buff and refinish scratched cabinets or replace the doors

4 – Remove old vinyl flooring and replace with laminate or engineered hardwood

5 – Upgrade countertops


Small Tweaks


Sometimes just fixing the little things can go a long way. Creaky stairs, a noisy air conditioner or a broken doorbell may all be annoyances to tenants. Fix these upfront so that your new tenant will not have to make a complaint – you want good renters to stay and making a great first impression goes a long way in rental retention.


It is a competitive market but great property management Northglenn teams get noticed. The more you invest in your unit and quality of service, the more attractive to tenants you will be.