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Property Management Lakewood | Prevent Cold Weather Damage

Property Management Lakewood

With plummeting temperatures, property management Lakewood teams need to take seasonal precautions to prevent property damage.  Damage due to cold weather, snow and ice is surpassed only by damage caused by hurricanes and tornadoes.  Avoid costly repairs and dependence on insurance companies this winter by keeping these tips in mind.


Protect Your Water Pipes


Frozen and burst water pipes can create havoc for residents and property managers alike.  Damages can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars without taking into account the inconvenience caused by cold weather flooding and the subsequent unavailability of water.  Ensure water pipes are insulated, especially ones that run along outer walls or in unfinished basements.  Turn off the water supply to any pipes that lead outdoors and make sure to remove and properly store outdoor garden hoses.


Inspect Your Roofing


Heavy snowfalls can lead to leaks, roof damage or even a catastrophic roof collapse.  Yearly roof inspections can play a key role in preventing this kind of damage.  Check for and replace any loose shingles or roof tiles that could allow moisture to seep through.  Similarly keep an eye open for deterioration or cracks in the seals surrounding the chimney, vents or skylights.  Eavestroughing needs to remain debris free to allow hindrance free runoff of melting snow.  If your roofs accumulate large quantities of snow or ice, consider removing it.  Loads of more than 40 pounds per square inch can cause damage.


Trim Your Trees


Trees can become a considerable source of danger if they aren’t properly trimmed.  Heavy loads of snow or ice can cause branches to break or entire trees to fall.  Damage can occur to houses, vehicles or even unlucky passersby.  Winterize your landscape to prevent issues from occurring in the first place.


Shovel Your Sidewalks


Property management Lakewood teams are no strangers to heavy snowfall and should already understand the importance of shovelling snow immediately after it falls.  By allowing snow to accumulate on sidewalks, it ends up impacted by pedestrians and becomes harder to remove.  Further combinations of snowfall, snowmelt and pedestrian traffic can create icy blocks that become resistant to shovelling and even the most potent rock salt.  By staying on top of snow shovelling you can be sure your sidewalks stay clear throughout the winter.