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Englewood rezoning meetings


A January rezoning meeting at the Englewood Recreation Center ended early due to overcapacity and flaring tempers.  The neighborhood meeting was intended to encourage conversation between the development company, Halifax Development LLC and residents concerned about a property management Englewood issue at 1327 W. Tufts.


According to documents submitted to City Of Englewood Community Development by Halifax Development LLC representative, Hans Kuhlmann, the property development company proposes to replace the single dwelling home that currently exists at 1327 W. Tufts with a number of duplex buildings and multiple unit townhouses.


The property is approximately 1.47 acres in size with 175 to 200 feet facing onto Tufts.  The redevelopment documents propose a change in zoning from from R-1-A, an area of single unit homes, to a Planned Unit Development (PUD) which would allow 20 dwelling units to be built including four duplexes and two townhouses comprised of six units apiece.


The proposed 3 bedroom units would be 2 stories high at about 1700 square feet with each featuring a 2 car garage and would be put up for sale.  The original application was submitted in April of 2017 and initially proposed 20 townhouses, but revisions were made in response to technical comments made by the Development Review Team (DRT) and city staff.


The main issues still being looked at by the DRT are related to the ownership and maintenance of utilities, driveways and landscaping as well as water drainage, construction conditions and fire hydrant locations among other concerns.


The mood at the meeting was tense with many of the residents vocally opposing the development.  Because there were over 100 people in attendance and the room has a capacity of 53, the meeting had to be rescheduled.


It appears many of those opposed believe the development isn’t in harmony with the current layout of the neighborhood.  A similar proposal in the area last year was abandoned by developers after a negative community response.


A decision on approval or denial of the project will take at least 4 to 6 months and require the rescheduled neighborhood meeting plus at least 2 other public hearings.  For news about the next neighborhood meeting, area residents will receive mailed notice while others will need to keep an eye on City Council announcements which will take place at least 10 days before the gathering.

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