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Property Management Companies Denver | What To Look For

We often hear from homeowners who are looking for a property manager for the first time or those who aren’t satisfied with their current property management company. Those looking for their first property manager usually don’t know what services to look for while those who are looking to change property managers are already fed up with poor service from their current company. To prove that we, at Woodruff, are one of the better property management companies Denver has to offer, we’ve come up with a list of things you should keep in mind when hiring your first property manager or evaluating your current team.


Tenant Quality Assurance


Having strangers move into your house can be a stressful situation. By hiring a property management company you can avoid dealing directly with this scenario, but you also have to trust that the company will have your best interests at heart. The tenant qualification process we have at Woodruff guarantees quality renters. We insure they have more than adequate income to pay their rent and ensure they aren’t dependent on public assistance. If there is ever a problem with a tenant that we’ve pre-qualified, we guarantee that the eviction process won’t cost you a penny.


No Upfront Fees


We don’t charge any fees until a lease is signed and your property is making money. If we don’t perform, you don’t pay. There are no setup fees, no hidden charges and no upfront costs. We take it upon ourselves to find a qualified tenant, negotiate a rental price and get the lease signed. Only once the rental money starts flowing do we take any fees. We also pay you with direct deposits so you get your money faster.


Approved Maintenance Only


We ensure any maintenance done on your property is approved by you beforehand. You’ll be informed of what the costs are and you won’t be charged extra. We use our buying power to pass discounts on to our customers rather than overcharging property owners while underpaying maintenance workers.


We Provide A Dedicated Team


Having a dedicated team of licensed brokers means that our communication lines are always open. We respond to your calls immediately and we’ll already be familiar with your situation as we endeavor to treat your property as our own. The industry’s average response rate is 60% whereas we’re at almost 100%. You’ll never have to wait weeks or months to hear back from us.


Woodruff Property Management


As one of the better property management companies Denver has to offer, we believe our clients should be treated appropriately. If, after reading this post, you feel you’re not being served properly by your current property manager, give us a call to find out what we can do to improve your situation.