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Property Management Companies Colorado | Adding Amenities

Property Management Companies Colorado

Vail, Colorado


As the state appears to be in the midst of an unprecedented population and real estate boom, the property management companies Colorado cultivates have found they need to remain nimble to stay on top of the changing real estate conditions.  As more people move to Colorado, housing prices rise which cause property developers to schedule more projects.  As more apartments are built, the rental market becomes more competitive meaning property managers need to be more creative when marketing their offerings.  This post will focus on easy-to-add amenities that work well in attracting modern day tenants.

Working With What You Have

Although new construction projects may have the ability to plot large swimming pools and fitness centers into their upcoming design plans, managers of existing properties will likely find it unfeasible to implement grandiose schemes that radically alter the holdings in hopes of attracting some new tenants.  That being said, one doesn’t necessarily need to break ground to add some attractive amenities.  By setting aside a decent sized room or or utilizing some underused outdoor space, it’s possible to add some extras that make the property stand out.  Here’s 3 simple amenity ideas that might appeal to today’s rental tenant.

Recreation Rooms

If you have some spare indoor space, setting up a recreation room doesn’t need to cost too much.  Consider putting up a large screen TV and some sporting tables such as ping pong, fooseball or darts.  If you have even more space and a bit of free cash, ski and golf simulators are very popular throughout the state.

Cooking Areas

Setting up a barbecue pit can create a focal point that brings residents together allowing them to get out of their apartments and enjoy sharing some food and drink.  If you have a bigger budget, indoor test kitchens are popular amongst foodies and can be used to hold cooking classes or demonstrations.  Cooking areas can also be integrated with recreation rooms for gatherings during sporting events or other celebrations.

Pet Friendly Spaces

It appears pets are becoming even more popular among Colorado rental tenants.  By allowing pets on your property you can open yourself up to a whole new market.  It’s possible to make your property even more pet friendly by fencing off some outdoor space for an off leash dog run.  Or consider adapting an outdoor spigot into a dog shower area.  On the flip side of the coin, forbidding pets will attract tenants who have allergies or animal phobias.

 Woodruff Property Management

If you own property and are looking to upgrade to remain competitive in today’s real estate environment, reach out to one of the best property management companies Colorado has to offer and speak with a Woodruff representative today.