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Property Management Broomfield Outlook | Still Booming

property management Broomfield

When it comes to property management Broomfield, the outlook for 2018 appears the best it’s been since long before the recession of ten years ago.  Latest analysis of 2017 statistics show that Broomfield leads Colorado in job creation and wage growth.  In this article we review some of the reasons why Broomfields future looks so bright.



Broomfield is ideally located between Denver and Boulder with easy access to the major transportation routes of the I-25 and and the Denver Boulder Turnpike on the US 36.  There’s been a lot of business and residential development along this corridor which has led to an increase in jobs, people looking to move to Broomfield and other companies eyeing the area for its benefits.  Growth in both Denver and Boulder has also helped with Broomfield’s expansion.



Although part of the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area, Broomfield is a consolidated city and county meaning the two levels of government are combined which significantly decreases the amount of bureaucracy encountered by businesses.  Companies have an easier time navigating regulatory processes enabling quicker, and therefore cheaper, implementation of plans.


Job Growth

Broomfield has a long history of attracting the headquarters of many large corporations.  This goes back to the late 60’s when the Lange ski boot making company built a large factory and warehouse in Broomfield.  Within the past two years, three more international companies have moved to the area. It’s been reported that since 2012, there has been an addition of more than 7000 jobs from 21 different companies that either expanded or moved to the area.  The investments made by these companies have made the area even more attractive to other businesses.


Room For Growth

One of the major benefits of Broomfield is the room that’s still available for growth.  Whereas larger centers are shying away from what they believe to be urban sprawl, Broomfield’s government is still encouraging large scale growth in the area.  By advocating for further development, the economic diversity of the area also increases and insulates the city against future downturns.


Woodruff Property Management

Woodruff sees a bright future for property management Broomfield and looks forward to the development of further residential properties in the area.  If you would like to learn more about the city, contact Woodruff today.