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Property Management Brighton Tenant Superbowl Party

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February is approaching and it means another Superbowl.  Alas, with the recent retirement of all star quarterback, Peyton Manning, the Denver Broncos haven’t quite looked the same. This is, of course, backed up by their last place finish in the AFC West and dashed hopes for post-season play.  However, since we can still take solace in the Superbowl 50 win, there’s no reason not to throw a Superbowl LII party for tenants on February 2.  Here’s some tips for property management Brighton teams to pull off a successful party.


Choose A Venue


If you have a company space within your property management Brighton community that features a big screen TV and enough room for a crowd of people, it would be ideal for hosting the Superbowl party.  Not only is it convenient for residents, it’ll reduce costs and promote the company owned buildings.  If there isn’t a suitable gathering space on company property, hosting an event off-site still allows tenants to come together while showcasing a local restaurant or tavern.  By speaking to local businesses about using their venue for a get together, you may be surprised how much support you receive.


Invite The Tenants


The internet, with email and social media, has made it easier to get in touch with a lot of people all at once.   Create an event on Facebook and invite all your tenants with active profiles. Also send out a mass email with party details.  However, you can’t completely rely on electronic means to get the word out.  Make sure to cater to residents who may not be as digitally savvy by placing event notices in high traffic areas, community buildings and on neighborhood billboards.


Organize Food And Drinks


The venue you use for the party will play a big part in how to organize the food and beverage situation.  If you have an on-site building you might want to use a caterer to bring in some finger foods such as chicken wings, nachos or sandwiches and supplement them with a big pot of chili.  Also consider placing some bowls of potato chips, nuts and vegetables.  With your own venue, you could either provide alcoholic beverages or allow the guests to bring their own.  If you use an off-site venue such as a restaurant or bar, your choices of food and drinks may already be decided as the proprietor can take care of this.


Let The Game Begin!


Ultimately, an event like the Superbowl allows the community to come together, familiarize themselves with each other and create goodwill within the neighborhood.  The strengthening of relationships will result in better communication between property management Brighton teams and their tenants, as well as bolster connections amongst the residents themselves.  If nothing else, it’s a good excuse to relax, have a drink, eat some food and enjoy the game!