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Prevent Pests from Invading Your Home Rentals

Pests invading home rentals are the bane of a tenant’s existence. The landlord is responsible for keeping the environment free from pests. But you also have to do your part to prevent pests from bothering you. Property Management Companies in Denver believe you can live in an environment free from pests by following these simple steps:

Garbage disposal
Throw your garbage properly and regularly. Your garbage bag probably contains spoilt table scraps and the smell will attract insects. Keep your garbage can covered to avoid attracting animals such as your pet cat from jumping into your garbage.

Food storage
Pests need food to survive. Store your food in airtight containers to prevent insects from contaminating them. Pests have a keen sense of smell and will feast on the opened cereal box lying inside your pantry.

Keep your pets clean
Dogs and cats are magnets for ticks and fleas. Groom and bathe your pets regularly. Clean your pet’s sleeping quarter as well.

Keep your home clean
Clean your home regularly, pick up the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the carpet. Remember to clean your kitchen counter and the stove top. Do not leave dirty dishes overnight.

Purchase or grow plants that act as a natural insecticide. Grow a pot of Citronella to ward off mosquitoes during summer.