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Outdoor Living Trends in Denver CO

Some say the disconnect from our food source is the fundamental reason for our ills, both national and personal. More and more people are returning to a natural way of life and want to expand their cooking and entertaining space to include the great outdoors. According to, “A whopping 96% of Americans surveyed said they wanted grills outside. This was closely followed by complete outdoor living spaces, including outdoor kitchens and areas to entertain guests.” Denver CO Rental Property Management companies are noticing this trend. Community gardening and outdoor living is the wave of the future. Getting back to ‘nature’ simply means coming home to ourselves.

The state of Colorado is known as one of the most health-conscious states in the union. It follows that outdoor living and entertaining are high on their list of enjoyable things to do.

Homesteading can be seen in rural areas all over the state. Folks are using organic heirloom, non-GMO growing practices in metro areas, as well. It’s not unusual to see inventive gardening methods popping up in urban areas. Any Denver CO Rental Property Management company worth its salt is staying on trend, none more than Woodruff Real Estate and Property Management.