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Neighborhood Safety Tips for New Tenants

Moving into a new home is exciting. There are new places to visit and new faces to meet. As a new comer to the neighborhood it is best to keep your family safe by following these simple steps. Remember that no neighborhood is impervious to crime. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

o Keep the doors looked at all times. Do not store spare keys under the doormat, mailbox or under potted plants. Ask the landlord if the lock has been changed prior to move in.

o Keep a list of emergency contacts near your telephone. If you have children, let them know which numbers to dial in case of emergencies.

o Property management companies in Denver, Colorado advice parents to take their children on a tour around the neighborhood. Teach them which paths are acceptable to take. Avoid shortcuts, dark pathways and alleys. Teach them to stay on the main road and which places they are allowed to visit.

o Teach children where the nearest fire department or police station is located. Remind them that if they encounter trouble or need help, they can get assistance from these agencies.

o If the children take the bus to school, accompany them to the bus stop and take note of the bus number and remind the children to report any unusual happenings to you.