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National Association of Home Builders Praise House for Passing the Regulatory Integrity Protection Act

Earlier this week the National Association of Home Builders and property management in Denver Co. praised the house for passing legislation that would inhibit the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from immensely expanding federal jurisdiction over the country’s wetlands and waterways without undergoing the correct rulemaking process. The Act aims to broaden the definition of the waters of the United States; this would include almost all bodies of water such as mudflats, ditches and ponds.

The Regulatory Integrity Protection Act would prevent federal jurisdiction from acquiring land that could increase housing costs, affect water quality, economic development and job growth. The Act would necessitate the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army to withdraw their proposed rule and draft a new proposal in consultation with the state and local government and affected stakeholders. Furthermore, the bill mandates that all proposals made are based from quality economic and scientific analysis.

Last year, EPA and the Army drafted their proposal without consulting the state and local government. As a result 34 states requested the proposal to be withdrawn. In addition both agencies also failed to follow the Flexibility Act; this act entails that a thorough assessment should be conducted on how the proposal would influence the small American businesses.