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Moving Woes: Help Kids Cope with Moving

Moving out can stress out kids and adults alike. You can help children cope with moving by letting them feel involved. Denver property managers believe that children who are involved with the moving process are able to adapt to their new homes quickly. Listed below are some tips you can follow:

Explain to the children the reasons why you are moving out. It is a good idea to sit down with the children, and have an open discussion with them. Allow them to ask questions about their new homes and answer as honestly as you can. Most children who have pets will ask if their pets will be moving with them too. Make sure you answer this question honestly.

Encourage your children to make plans for their new rooms; what color to paint their walls, how to arrange their furniture and things. By doing this, the kids will have something to look forward to.

Help the kids say goodbye to their friends. Allow them to invite their friends for a farewell party. To be able to move on, it is important for children to say goodbye to the old and familiar.

Allot time for saying farewell to favorite places. What are the favorite places your children love to visit? Do they frequently visit the park, soccer field and burger bar? Let them visit their favorite places to say their goodbyes.