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Moving Day Tips When Downsizing Your Home

When you are moving from your spacious house in the suburbs to a significantly smaller apartment or condo in the city, you have to systematic about it. Avoid moving mishaps with these tips from Denver CO property managers.

Create a catalog
Make a list of the things you want to take with you. Consider other options for the things you don’t need. You are better off without them anyway.

Be an early bird
Three weeks before moving day, start going through your possessions. You might be surprised at the amount of things you have to go through. It is time to get rid of your old clothes, shoes and other unwanted things.

Compare space
You can enlist the aid of an online room planner to assess how to fit your furniture for each room. You will not have to worry about your bureau not fitting against the wall.

New homes for your old things
Have a garage sale and make some money from those old appliances, furniture and clothes you have. Donate to charity those things that you did not manage to sell. By doing this you are doing everyone a favor, you help save the environment and make some money. You can then use the money to fund your moving day expenses.