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Millenial Renters’ Priorities and Deal-breakers

When deciding where to rent, amenities and property features make-or-break a Millenial’s
decision. Online convenience is one of the most important features. Rental management
companies in Denver
should embrace online portals for both rent and maintenance requests — young renters often see phone calls as a last resort. They also deeply value transparency, so availability and pricing need to be kept completely up-to-date on websites.

Being pet-friendly can be another big advantage. Having dog amenities and walking areas available, or advertising those nearby, is attractive to young renters. Walkability is another great selling point, as millenials value both convenience and green living. Easy recycling and sustainability features are worthwhile investments for rental management companies in Denver.

Property staff are cited by millenials as the most important reason for renewing a lease, so property mangers can retain more young residents by simply through training a friendly and polite management and maintenance staff.